Blog Tips

There are many places and resources where I find information that helps me put together this blog. From geeky things to recipe websites and stock photos.

My family

My main inspiration comes from my family and our daily life, what we need, what we do, how we manage, etc. Nothing can talk better about a mom’s lifestyle than being a mom of a little one and a wife that loves her family.

On Pinterest I have found great inspiration and you can visit my boards, originally I started gathering jewelry pictures and keeping them in categories, but now you can find home decor, diy projects, beauty hacks, sewing tips and tutorials and more! Just follow the link and enjoy the eye candy in the 90+ boards including the one called blog, where I keep very helpful information that has taught me how to grow and improve this blog. You can click here to find more blogging info.

On TV there’s not a whole lot to recommend, but The Big Bang Theory is a sitcom that I enjoy with all the fake laughs and sillyness. I used to enjoy 2 broke girls but nowadays I don’t even know if it’s still on. Some body give me an update on that one!

For my hosting, I use siteground and I enjoy the fact that all I have to do is pay one or two years in advance to get the best pricing.  At the beginning I was about to cancel the payed hosting but I contacted them and they installed WordPress for me and made the migration of my wordpress blog to my new hosting at no extra charge, which made my life so easy!! All I had to do is give them the info of my account and they did the rest. 

This is the second year that I blog with them and I plan to be renewing with them in the future because I am by no means so tech geeky that I could manage that side of the blogging life by myself. If you are interested in getting a great service and a great value for your money, I totally recommend them! Click here and you will be redirected to a page with more info about their services.

In my spare time, which is not much, I like to shop on Amazon where I have found gifts and deals at great prices. My favorite categories to shop on Amazon are the toddler fashion and jewelry, both the finished pieces and the components and tools. Ebay is also a place where I find useful things like hubby presents and jewelry tools, raw materials to prepare body butters, etc.


I also spend a good amount of time on Etsy and sites like upwork, freelancer, workana and so on. There’s tons of things to find, from tutorials to services for bloggers like geeky people that actually know how to improve your pictures, apply blueprints to your photos or edit wordpress themes and page designs.

My pals from Nashville Food Bloggers are also a really knowledgeable group of people that know a lot about how to do blogger networking. If you comply with certain requirements, you can even be part of our group. Check out the page here.

And last but not least, the groups from Meetup, where I have met a lot of people inmerse in the SEO marketing and who are pros on how to get your website noticed, the gatherings are casual and after introducing yourself, the tutor starts sharing valuable info about how to boost your traffic and grow your website. Here in Nashville there’s one for newbies and one more for the super pros.

In general, there are a lot of resources where I find information that I like and find useful to share in this blog. Facebook groups, Google and an insatiable mind that wants to do a lot of things is what sails this boat called Love Working as a Mom.