Nissan Taste of Music City 2017

The Taste of Music City event

Nissan Taste of Music City 2017
Nissan Taste of Music City 2017


So here we are, three days away from the Nissan Taste of Music City event!! I am thrilled to be part of this event and I will be writing about my experience and everything in between. Have you ever been to an event like this?

Two weeks ago I was browsing my facebook when Patricia Mathissen from Nutrisha asked for volunteers for the event. I have to confess that I heard about this event before but thought that right now I don’t have the money for the tickets, because I am filling some immigration papers and there’s some high fees to pay. Anyway, I thought that being a volunteer could be my opportunity to take part of Nissan Taste of Music City and enjoy some mingling time with my mother in law. When I asked her she was thrilled, so we both are going to make our apparition next Saturday at 3.

And you can think, “With this hot weather?” and I tell you, YES!! It’s your chance to enjoy summer and the myriad of culinary options that you are going to enjoy so it will  make every drop of sweat worth. In this event some of the best chefs of Nashville will be preparing food and it’s my chance to experience this for free! 

On the other hand, my husband and my boy are not going to be with me, but I will take this as a chance to enjoy some girl time with my mother in law and as a treat to myself after the stressing week with all this first day of daycare deal, niceee!!

Well girls, I’ll keep you updated and I promise to take tons of pictures to share with y’all. Let me know if you know any Nashville chef that is a must of that you want to meet, maybe I can interview one of them. Oh! and if you know a recipe to keep the biting bugs away, let me know too!


The Nissan Taste of Music City was a great adventure. I had a blast trying new food and drinks, gathering goodie bags and meeting new people! Let me tell you everything step by step.

So on Saturday morning, while I was taking care of my son who hurt his left arm and was wearing a cast, I was thinking not to go to the event and stay home taking care of my son, plus the weather outside was going to be ridiculously hot, hot, hot. But my inner foodie was screaming that she needed to go out and have some fun, so after running some errands and telling my husband I would bring him beer when I came back, I drove downtown.

I had a long walk from where I left the car, but it was a good safe spot, so I’m glad I did parked next to the Nissan Stadium (home of the Titans). I checked in as a volunteer and found Patricia Mathissen who was the lady that invited me. She told me to take care of some things and I started getting to know everyone around. We were at the bonfire location, in the very center of the action and we served food from the best chefs around town every hour while a jazz band was playing ALL THE TIME!! Can it get any better?

We started serving korean barbecue chicken wings with kimchi mayo and cilantro prepared by chef Larry Carlisle from Hemingway’s Bar &Hideaway . They are located close to the fairgrounds and if the food is as delicious as the wings, I’m all in.

The second hour we had athenian chicken thighs with lemon sauce on top of a home made pita bread. This was prepared by the chef Bill Darsinos of Greko, Greek Street food, who are located in East Nashville and are programming their official opening next friday. You can get more info about this greek street food restaurant at .

The third hour was the tasting of smoked birds with chimichurri on top of pepper relish. Around half an hour later they allowed me and Ashley to go around and visit other booths, so we started with a good white sangria followed by a goodie bag by Houz, who are hiring. Then some chocolate whiskey from Ballotin, a pretzel, some more food from The Curious Kitchen, from Murfreesboro, more drinks from Backpack Wine, a brand who sells wine on a can, which I think it’s a great idea for parties. Then some more drinks, like a chocolate oat Porter beer from Blue Pants Brewery plus more food like the ribs from the Rainforest Cafe, yum,yum, plus more drinks, like the Rivulet, artisan pecan liqueur.

When we came back it was time to serve the last hour of food prepared by chef Edgar Presley who prepared Urban grub bird dogs. 

By then, with all the cocktails I had I was forgetting about the heat, it’s just that everything was so tasty and the environment was so inviting to dance and have a festive mood.

So yes, I’m very cheap when we talk about drinking, hahaha. One or two beers and I am laughing out loud.

I will get you the rest of the names tomorrow. But let me tell you something today: I can’t wait to next year’s event!!

I had so much food and drinks that I thought I was in heaven.

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  1. OMG my mouth was watering while I read this! I’m a goodie to and would not have wanted to miss out! I’m glad you were able to go, all that good looks delish!

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