My first restaurant review

My first restaurant review: Watermark Restaurant Nashville

watermark restaurant
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I cannot tell you how happy I’m feeling because today me and my husband are going to be part of an event in the Watermark Restaurant specially organized for the Nashville Food Blogger community. This is the first time that I assist to this kind of event and I am thrilled to meet fellow bloggers and discuss the foodie culture in Nashville. Nashville is known to be a touristic city for people who likes country music and has a wide variety of restaurants to choose from. There’s the fair share of mexican, indian and chinese restaurants plus the mandatory american restaurants that offer hot fried chicken in as many variations as you can think of. 

I have to accept that I expect a little posh pose because of the location, but I’m already preparing what to wear and which makeup to use. I’m even feeling nervous but hey! this is the blogger life, right? Hahaha… I had to do arrangements with my mother in law so she could babysit my little one while my husband and me are gone. He takes his grandma very well and as long as they are playing, he stays happy and active.

The Watermark restaurant is located in one of the hippest areas in Nashville called The Gulch.  I want to take pictures of the venue, the food, the people and I hope my husband enjoys as much as I expect to enjoy. He is a food fan and this will be his first blogger event too. I am glad he is able to go with me to the meeting, because sometimes I find it hard to small talk around people I don’t know. I don’t know why it is hard for me to mingle, I guess it’s because I’m afraid to be rejected because I am not white or american and I still have a strong foreigner accent, who knows! For now, I will try to have an open attitude and I will try to improve my listening skills.

For you all, in the meantime, you can find a new recipe that I shared on my Instagram  in three short videos. I think that the recipe is very easy to follow, but I will appreciate if you can comment if you find it useful. Remember to hit me up in the comments or in Facebook or Twitter if you have any questions about the preparation, the ingredients or any other subject related to the recipe posted on instagram. This is the first time I share a recipe with videos and I think I will be posting more recipes this way, because it takes less time. I’m learning here, so bear with me.

So, let me ask you a question: Have you ever been in Nashville? Did you liked it here? Which places did you visited? hope to hear from you in the comments.

See you!

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