What a Mommy needs to do in 2017

So this year started with great blessings in my life and great expectations. My mom visited my family until the 9th of this month when she left, leaving me with tears in my eyes but hopeful of visiting her soon. She lives in Mexico and though it’s great to stay in touch with the help of technology, her hug and love is always missed.

This year I started with no bucket list ready, just hopeful for the future and happy to have plenty of blessings in my life. God and my family are my number one and they fill my life with joy. I couldn’t ask for more but I am certain that there’s always things that I can do to be better and self improvement is one of my goals for this year.

Chatting with a dear friend, we realized that stay fit is one of our goals. We both are moms of young children so we need to stay active. For her, it’s going to be the elliptical machine, for me, starting yoga sessions at home. If you are lucky enough to be able to go to a gym, then do it and don’t think it twice! Health is a great treasure and as a mom, is a great way to teach our sons and daughters self discipline.

Besides the work out commitment with myself, I am committing to take better care of my self and that means to take the time to pamper my skin, my nails, wear makeup and look pretty  to feel better towards my own image in the mirror. And also because I want my husband to feel proud of me. I got a great gift from my sister. She told me to pick a gift and I chose a facial brush from Sonicderm, which works like the Clarisonic but is more affordable. I read that they work the same way and since I got it, I have been very pleased with the results. I clean my face with a drop of the facial cleanser from Oriflame and with the help of the brush I rub it all around my face with gentle circular motions. Then I rinse and apply moisturizer and voila! My skin feels super soft and clean, my blackheads are getting under control and even my mood improves with the little pampering time.

The stairs were removed and new ones were installed

On the professional side of my life, I have been thinking several different things, like getting a contractor’s license, validating my Industrial Design college degree from Mexico and start to equip my jewelry workshop downstairs. Right now I have an installation of engineered wood floors ongoing but the thing is that I have to depend on everybody else to do the job and there’s things I can’t control, like when the installer comes the very scheduled day for installation and tells me that he is able to start until next Monday, which makes my stress go to the roof cause I have to talk to the homeowners and give explanations, negotiations and excuses. After all the hassle, I was thinking if I really wanted to become a full time contractor because this kind of things would be happening all the time until I get dependable people, who are so hard to find. The floors ended up like this.

Dining room
floors installed in the dining room

If I validate my Industrial design degree, I could look for a full-time  job which will mean more money for the family, but also less time with them and right now I think that to spend time with my little kiddo is the most important thing I can do for him. I refuse to put him in daycare although I am thinking about the parents day out program of my church, which will allow me to work on my things two days of the week.

And then there’s the jewelry workshop that I want to put together at home. I have left my love for jewelry in pause cause I have to be very careful with tools and little beads around my office, I don’t want an accident to happen with my baby. I have a little space downstairs that is reserved for soldering and bench tools, but I want to get a rolling mill and everything required to produce my own silver sheet, wire and solder material. I have the know how, but of course I need to practice before they vanish in forgiveness. Right now I am researching about metal clay and will start to gather tools for that technique and we will take it from there.

Metal clay bibliography
Metal clay books

In my mind, I want to be able to find peace in everything I do, specially to enjoy the present and all those moments spent with my family, because I treasure them so dearly. I want to keep up with my medicines, keep my mind in control and live the present without wondering about nonsense. I don’t know you, but, Does this happens to you too? I have decided to avoid things that stress me, mainly the outside stuff that I can’t control, like elections, the price of silver or the time consuming activity of managing irresponsible people. What about you? It’s like letting things and nonsense slide beside you and not letting them inside your mind. It’s a matter of attitude towards adversity.

I have decided to just do my job the best that I can do and the rest leave it to God, saying prayers for the things that concern me. Praying gives me peace and helps me cope when things don’t go exactly the way I wish them to go. Prayer helps me keep the focus in my life and makes things bearable when I start feeling overwhelmed. In prayer I find guidance and helps me order my mind and even create an strategy.

So there you have what I need to do for 2017. Trim, organize my life and live every moment to the fullest. What’s in your bucket list for 2017? I would love to hear about your plans in the comments below. If you liked this post, share it in social media or even better, subscribe to my mailing list .

Have a great day!

4 thoughts on “What a Mommy needs to do in 2017”

  1. I say, enjoy the little one chica. They aren’t little for too long and you will never, ever regret choosing to spend more time with them. The church program sounds like a great alternative. As for letting go, I have learned two things in my 42 years so far that have made a huge difference in my level of stress. One is the power of the word “No”, especially to people expect the world and never reciprocate or appreciate. The other was to not let what I like to call “oxygen suckers” get too close. Your priority is to your family, and sometimes you can’t be strong and healthy for them if you are preoccupied with taking care of the oxygen suckers. So I applaud you for making that choice.

  2. It must be hard not having your mom nearby. I know it would be hard for me!
    I agree with the previous comment. You should enjoy your little ones because they grow up way too fast. When my oldest was growing up, I worked long hours, and he spent a lot of time in day-care and with babysitters. I now have an 8-year-old and a 3-year-old, and I stay at home with them. Money is tight, but I guess what we save on day-care sort of makes up for it.
    That said, I think the jewelry workshop sounds like a great idea!

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