holiday gift guide

The Best Holiday Gift Guide for Moms


holiday gift guide


So finally it’s here, Holiday season is starting and there’s so much to do in so little time. If you are like me, trying to to hurry and do everything you need to do before the year finishes you might like this Holiday Gift Guide for Moms.

Have you realize how fast does time passes by when you have things to do? I am sure you have, if you are a mom like me, there’s tons of things to arrange, cook, decorate, prepare, shop, etc. and Thanksgiving is just around the corner! But hey! Don’t panic and keep reading because today I’m going to save you some time deciding what to give to who. I have put together a cool holiday gift guide where you can gather ideas of what to give to your family, friends and coworkers, the little ones and the happy hubby.

I decided to make it in little sections so you can skip to the section of your main interest, or you can read the whole article if you are not short on time like I am (all the time).

(HEADS UP!) Remember that if you are ordering online, check the last dates you can purchase to get your stuff on time, you don’t want to give Christmas presents in January, hahaha. Plus you have some cool savings to take advantage on this coming Black Friday. Just keep an eye on your favorite online stores because some of them already launched their sales and you can take advantage of them in advance. Well, now let’s get to the point, I’m going to show you some items that I find like a good fit for a tight budget without skipping anyone in your list.


Image courtesy of Adorn my Wall on Etsy.


There’s nothing more valuable than family, believe me, I know, after living away from my family for a little over 2 years. Home is where family is and i don’t care what they say. If you are lucky and fortunate to have family, eventhough they are not living next door, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. This picks are going to make your family feel special and remember, you are still on time to buy online and send gifts to their address. Just remember that there’s no better gift than love and care for them, so just a call can make them feel special and loved even miles away. Ok, just don’t cry and keep reading cause I’m sharing some good ideas here!

  1. For the parents. Why not pamper them in pairs, with these monogrammed Christmas shirt from Sweet T’s Monograms. And if you have some divorcés, just this blessed mama or papa shirt will do.
  2. For the brothers and sisters. You know you have to keep it all equal and balanced so nobody feels less loved. For the ladies, you can order this wooden earrings which you can find in diferent shapes. For the gentlemen I think something like this rustic wooden coasters from Jem Klein will fit perfectly.
  3. For the children. I love my nieces and nephews so much, I can top them with kisses and play with them for hours (if only they lived closer to me). For them, I will knit something like a cool hat following this pattern from Made by Devrie to heat them up this winter.
  4. For the aunts and uncles. I miss so much my little chats with my aunts and uncles and all our family holiday gatherings. For them I will get something like this string art piece from Allen Chapman Art. You just pick the location of your family members and he will do an art piece that they can treasure for years to come in their walls.
  5. For the grand parents. If you are lucky as I am, to have one of your grandparents alive, you need to pamper them too and you know that she will love something she or he can be wearing. In this case, I choose this personalized apron by Charming Hearts Design for the grillers or the cooks or this fingerless mittens from Cassiopeia Designs UK that will allow them to do the work while protecting their hands.
  6. For the hubby. My sweet hubby deserves the best. I always say that if I were a millionaire I will get him the whole collection of action figures plus movies, plus books, plus a great man cave. But since I haven’t won the lottery (yet!) I need to stay on budget, so my options are something like this art print from Adorn My Wall or something more personal like a wallet from In Blue on Etsy  which I know he will love.
  7. For my sweet pea. My cute bundle of joy makes my life merrier, he has been a light and makes me smile every day. How can we love him more? For my cute little toddler you know I want something special and unique. So for him I pick a cute printed onesie from JamJamsJam on Etsy plus a little hat in honor of his favorite plush toy that maybe I can knit myself one day.

Ok! So we are still on budget… let’s get on with the friend gift guide list.


Image courtesy of MY and GG  on Etsy.


  1. The Bestie. Y’all have gone a long way together, you share memories and milestones in each other lives and for that, she deserves a gift that only you can make and she  can wear with style, like this turban style headband pattern from MY and GG .
  2. The Forever Alone. This winter seems to be coooold, so she will need something like this oversized scarf from WoolArtDesign, who also has a good assortment of male scarfs.
  3. The Believer. She is an example of christian, sharing about God and trying to get everybody to behave. For her you can choose a different kind of cross bracelet from Pretty Knotty Things.
  4. The Alternative. She likes to go against the tide, she likes unique things, so you can choose a laser cut wall decor from Mayeli Art on facebook.
  5. The Good Wife. She is there for her family and her parties are epic cause she is the best hostess. For her, you can pick a family tree from Lechs Cozy Home Craft.

Ok, so on with our next category, cause there’s so many people to give and so little money, hahahaha!


Image courtesy of Silver Bombon on Etsy.


We all are in that productive age of going to work. There, we have a tendency to celebrate with gatherings and dinners and this holidays are no exception. To pamper your coworkers, you want to give away something that is not too personal or expensive, so I picked this 5 options from where to pick.

  1. If you use badges to identify employees, like in an office environment, you can beautify theirs with this badge reel from Badge Glam on Etsy and they  can be personalized to add an extra flare.
  2. You know that there’s always somebody at work that has everything you need in an emergency, like the button you lost when you gained a few pounds or the hair style gel that makes everyone look so gorgeous. For her, you can give her this emergency kit from Mommy Objects.
  3. If there’s a lot of people to whom you want to gift but you want to give nothing to expensive, then you can buy the 3 piece combo Christmas tree decorations from Joy Max Style on Etsy and box them individually adding a little handwritten note to personalize each gift box. You can’t beat a $3.50 dlls investment per gift.
  4. If you know about their secret passion for reading Harry Potter books,  you can always give them something useful and beautiful like this book marker from Silver Bombon on Etsy.
  5. You know there’s always somebody that loves to cook cause she is sharing samples of her experiments at lunch all the time. You can get them this seasoning kit from Spice Girl Seasonings, split the kit and have several gifts for a great low price and they will love you!

So there you go, now you are all prepared for shopping time. Remember to shop in small businesses to promote and support artisans instead of big brands and get information of the local craft markets in your area to boost the economy in your area.

I would love to hear what gifts did you picked for this year, I will be posting my personal shopping results very soon. Are you going to share with me your newest adquisitions? Comment below! And if you like this article, share it with your contacts, they will appreciate the gesture and me too.

Happy shopping!

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13 thoughts on “The Best Holiday Gift Guide for Moms”

  1. This is a cool guide! I a just starting with my Christmas shopping and your suggestions are just great! Thanks 🙂 I especially love the seasoning kit, by the way 😀

  2. There are so many great gift options here! My bestie is kinda hard to shop for and you look like you know exactly what to get yours. I love the gifts you have listed so I’m gonna try and get a few for my friends and fam and hopefully they love them and me even more because of em! =]

    Danielle | <3

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