getting prepared to move

Getting prepared for the moving process.

Do you know the feeling of getting overwhelmed with the resulting to do list when getting prepared for the moving process? I do, these weeks have been tough. Between mailing paperwork, taking care of my little nugget, packing stuff for the moving process and going to work, trying to stay sane is like a distant memory!.

This last two weeks have been busy. My father arrived the last day of July and we went to take a look at the house we are buying. He said it is big for what we need but he liked the space as much as we do. We will need to do some renovations, like changing the carpet to a laminate, cause it’s nasty! I hope we can do it as soon as possible, though our budget is tight because all the home buying expenses.

With my father here, we went to two home improvement stores to check out floors and I finally decided for a 12 mm textured laminate in dark brown color from Floor & Decor. It is going to be installed in the whole house, only the basement is going to be a different story. Here’s a picture of the flooring.

Since I know a little about colors, this darkish brown is going trendy these days and since our spaces are fairly spacious, it will keep the atmosphere looking stylish and modern at the same time.

I had to adjust the paint colors in the living room to a light green and an emerald green, I am trying to get the one coat paint, even if it’s going to be painted over white, this is my palette.

color palette
 I am picking 2″faux wood blinds for the 35″ X 72″windows, $36.00 each, there are 4 windows in the living room and 10 windows in total around the house. I like the look of these blinds and they work well giving the rooms the light needed.

2" faux wood
In the living room I want to lay down a shag rug so my little nugget can play there without feeling the hardness of the floor. An 8′ X 10′ shag rug in beige that I already saw at Sam’s Club for $259.00.


shag rug


Before getting the area rug, I no to spend part of my budget fixing little details like the screen door, the locks, the mail box and a leak in the kitchen sink. We will be searching for a plumber to fix the shower knob of the master bedroom stand up shower, but at the end, we got this house as a great deal, since it appraised with a higher value than the price we are paying for it. 

All right, so if you ask me what things will I do to ease the pain of moving (in the same city), here’s my list.


Getting Prepared for the Moving Process

  • Get a tour on the house you are about to move to and take notes of all the things that need to be fixed, if any.
  • Talk to your realtor if she has any recommendations about handy men that might help you do the renovation work
  • Save money to pay for all the new bills you will have after moving.
  • Visit a home improvement store and go to the packing section to purchase boxes, bags and plastic bubble wrap to start packing your stuff. You will need bubble wrap to separate dishware, pack the tv, plastic bags for the mattresses, tape and moving blankets among other stuff.
  • Put your wardrobe hangers just as they come out of the rod, with hanging clothes in a suitcase, it will save tons of time when putting your new wardrobe together.
  • Don’t pack heavy boxes, try to distribute weight between books and lighter stuff.
  • Pack kitchen stuff the last, because you eat at least three times per day.
  • Label boxes according to which room do they go.
  • Schedule your friends and family to help you pack, move and unpack if possible.
  • If you have kids, comission a friend or a family member to help you specifically with them to keep them busy and in their schedule.

Well, now that you know that moving is a hassle, just take a deep breath and prepare little by little. Share responsabilities with your partner or with the people that will help you. Meditate and pray for the new blessing in your life and above all, stay focused because this shall pass.


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