what to visit in Nashville

What to do in Nashville

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Rain falls in Nashville, we are expecting it for the rest of the week. As long as it doesn’t rain next week it’s fine because my father is visiting from Mexico and I am planning to show him around. I’d like to walk downtown, around the Broadway area and it would be a pitty if we can’t because of the rain.


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Nashville is known for the tourism it attracts mainly for country music fans and there is fairly enough sites worth visiting.We must go to the Parthenon and Centennial park, maybe have a classic breakfast with country ham at The Pancake Pantry and do some shopping at the Opry Mills Mall. I also want to take him for a slice of pizza at Mafioza’s in the 12th South area or maybe explore around there for a good country Southern kitchen option. Where else do you suggest me to take him? Maybe go to East Nashville to have an icecream and visit some antique stores or go to the local art museum, the Frist Center

A local brew is a must, like the ones they serve at Jackalope Brewery or Hops & Crafts, one of my favourite places, mainly because I can spent a night out enjoying a good beer, like the dark brown from Jackalope Brewery plus a pizza slice playing 4 in a row and listening to good music.

Well, if you know about any local sites that can be interesting and worth visiting in Nashville as a mature adult, please let me know! I would love to read your suggestions and visit around.

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