taking care of an orchid

What to avoid taking care of an orchid

Today I want to share my issue taking care of an orchid. My dear hubby gave me this orchid for Valentine’s Day and she has been a good girl since then. I water her once a week and she used to have beautiful long green leaves. She hasn’t give more flowers other than the ones she had when she arrived home, but I love how she looked on top of my black bookshelf below the bar of the kitchen, at the apartment. She paired perfectly with the little painting I got from a local Nashville artist named Allen Chapman, whose work you can check out at his etsy store Allen Chapman Art or in his instagram account, where he publishes his work in progress @allenchapman .


The thing is this,  two weeks ago all of a sudden she lost her leaves in a weird way.I checked the roots and they looked rotten, but there are still some green ones, thick and healthy. I was told that they kind or hibernate and that maybe mine is a female.

I have been taking care of it since she lost her leaves. I got a MiracleGro orchid food in Amazon and I prepare her water with tiny bits of food every two weeks, so I hope that she revives. I don’t know which variety is it and right now that she doesn’t have flowers it’s hard to tell, all I know is that my husband got it at Kroger, hahahaha.

If you know how to take care of an orchid, please let me know what do I need to do.


The poor little thing died. I read that if he/she was hibernating, I had to water it less frequently, but i guess I kind of messed up cause now the roots looked totally dry. Sadly, she is gone and now I am wanting an orchid but more importantly, I want to learn what I should do to have pretty orchid flowers all year round.

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