These are some frequent asked questions about me and my blogging, take a look!

Who are you?

I’m a woman originally from Mexico who moved to the United States for love in 2014. I’m a mom of a boy who is growing super fast and I’m the wife of a hard worker man. I’m an entrepreneur and a christian. I’m an industrial designer and a jeweler; a contractor and a social media manager.

What are you blogging about?

In my blog you will find recipes that I develop every day, tips to cook faster, quick fixes, reviews of products that make my mom life easier, occasional diy projects, motherhood articles and some self improvement material taking about faith and how to be your best you.

Who is the blog primarily for?

I mainly write for moms who want to learn how to cook in a easy and fun way, parents  who want to know tips about parenthood and people who want to improve themselves putting faith in every step of the way.

How frequently do you blog?

I have a ton of information that I want to share, and I try to share it in an organized way. I usually blog twice per month but I post pictures of my every day cooking on my instagram more frequently.

What makes you an expert?

I wouldn´t call myself an expert. I just happen to have learned how to cook since I was 15 years old, so I’ve been cooking 22 years of my life. I consider myself a learner. I try to learn something every day, sometimes about motherhood, sometimes about how to be a better citizen of the world, every time, how to be a christian mom and wife.

Do you accept advertising?

I accept inquiries to develop recipes with new ingredients. I also do my blogging with some affiliate links, promotions and reviews of products that I can use, but I will always stay true to myself, so I only recommend items that have worked for me. For contact regarding recipe development and product reviews, please write to loveworkingasamom@gmail.com

Are there any other blogs you recommend?

I like a lot of blogs, my interests verse between cooking, baking, design, blogging and how to grow my following. Lately I have been reading the blogs of Spinach Tiger and Bessie bakes. I like the pictures and I know I have to learn how to do food photography, because that’s what is missing in my blog, better pictures.