Blogging Resources

There are many places and resources where I find information that helps me put together this blog. From geeky things to recipe websites and stock photos. 

My family

My main inspiration comes from my family and our daily life, what we need, what we do, how we manage, etc. Nothing can talk better about a mom’s lifestyle than being a mom of a little one and a wife that loves her family.

Pinterest has been a great influence and you can visit my boards following the link, originally I started gathering jewelry pictures but now you can find home decor, diy projects, beauty hacks, etc.

On my every day life, I can say that I don’t watch a lot of TV, but two programs that make me pay attention to the blablabla on the screen are The Chew and Rachael Ray Show, exactly in that order. This tells you how much do I like to cook.

In my spare time, which is not much, I like to browse Amazon for deals, gifts and items that make my life easier. And I don’t have an amazon prime account yet, but that’s in my list. Ebay is also a place where I find useful things like hubby presents and kefir grains.

As much as I like to read, I just can’t make it to read a lot. I know, if I am recommending to do things for yourself I should do likewise, but on my reading hungriness I read magazines. Cooking magazines to be exact and I like the recipes that I find in Taste of Home. That magazine standing in the display with their cinnamon rolls on the front page made me want them so badly that I learned how to cook them. 

I also spend a good amount of time on Etsy. My jewelry shop, my photo shopmy husbands shop, shopping, etc. There’s tons of things to find, from tutorials to services for bloggers like themes and page designs.

In general, there are tons of resources where I find information that I like and find useful to share in this blog. Facebook groups, Google and an insatiable mind that wants to do a lot of things is what sails this boat called Love Working as a Mom.