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Hi! My name is Veronica and I am a working mom of a toddler. My days start when my little one wakes up early in the morning. I feed him preparing all the food he eats, freshly every day and I try to cook organic as much as I can. I take care of the house too, housekeeping with my little one by my side. I also cook for my husband and myself, we like a wide variety of tastes like american, mexican, italian and chinese with some french and thai cuisine.

In the afternoon I am a working mom with a part time job at a home improvement store. This has enabled me to learn a lot about the construction business. Last year I started to work in my own renovation business, collaborating with professional people that install floors, paint and do handy work around the house.

I am also an etsy seller with three shops named Silver Bombon and Veronica Chapman Photo and the one where I sell the wood carvings my husband does, Allen Chapman Art.

I started Love Working as a Mom  in 2016 because I think I can share my two cents on how a mom can live on a budget, sharing tasty recipes to prepare healthy delicious food making your cooking easier, useful information about toddler education, shopping, beauty, exercise, spiritual beliefs, my experience dealing with anxiety and how we as moms can manage to live a plenty, healthier life.

We live in the Southeast Nashville area in Tennessee, United States. But wait, I’m not american. I was born in Mexico and lived and studied there until I decided to marry my husband and move to the United States in 2014.

Find me on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and here, at Love Working as a Mom.

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