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Hi! My name is Veronica and I am a working mom of a toddler a, a wife of a hard working husband, an entrepreneur, a designer, a consultant and a DIYer.

My days start when I wake up early in the morning to prepare to go to work and prepare my cute little nugget for daycare. Yes, we have taken that step and although he is still adjusting, he seems pretty happy when he sings the ABC´s and when he takes off to go play in the back yard.

Before this transition, I would have taken care of the house, the food, the laundry, the cat, the garden, yara, yara… before going to work in the afternoon, but not any more! Now I am confined by four well secured walls until it´s time to go back home and enjoy some free time taking care of the house, cooking, Mr. Hubby, my toddler, cleaning around the cat mess and you know…relaxing as all moms do, hahahaha.

Soon I will reach a whole year as a social media marketing consultant for local businesses and it has had it´s ups and downs but I am happy to have that extra activity in my life that links to my original interests in marketing and design.

My etsy shop is chapmancreative and there´s where I promote my online marketing services.

I started Love Working as a Mom in 2016 because I though I can share my two cents on how a mom can live on a budget, sharing tasty recipes to prepare healthy delicious food making your cooking easier, my experiences as a mom, shopping tips & tricks, exercise, Christian faith, my experience dealing with anxiety and how we as moms can manage to live a plenty, healthier life.

We live in the Southeast Nashville area in Tennessee, United States. But wait, I’m not american. I was born in Mexico and lived and studied there until I decided to marry my husband and move to the United States in 2014.

Find me on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and here, at Love Working as a Mom.

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