Reinventing love Working as a mom

Since 2016 Love working as a mom has existed as a place where I can pour some wisdom acquired while being a mom, a wife and a worker. Recently I have faced a change in my responsabilities at home and I have left behind this place where I like to go back to share experiences with whomever wants to take a little break from their day and read what I humbly write every now and then.

The reinvention comes now that I think is a good moment to start improving the image of the blog, get a real and unique logo, put together a great eye candy page where you can find the information what interests you, whether it is a easy hands on recipe to prepare some mexican delicacy or if you are looking for advice about how to deal with your every day duties as a mom of a toddler, preparing your garden for this coming season of nice sunny weather (as soon as this rain goes away, p…, p…, please).

The themes are not going to change, I will still be focused mainly on cooking and adding up articles about motherhood, faith and things that pull my attention like gardening (which is getting more in season this days, YAY!!), interior decor, the newest additions to my fitness routines, some tips and tricks about how to make your life easier and also my well known bla, bla, bla.

Stick around to see what’s comming soon!!


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