mom and me

Why I’m thankful for my mom.

mom and me
Mom and me

There are so many things that being a mom has taught me. Has it happened to you that years before becoming a mom you will say “Oh no, I will never do that when I become a mom” or “I will never do this that my mom does”? And now, you are becoming a little bit like your mom? Haha haha, it has happened to me and believe me, I laugh at myself when I realize that now I am talking like her or acting like her in some ways.

But on the other hand, I have a great role model that I wish I was half good enough to follow. And it’s not an excessive humility or lack of self-esteem. It’s just that my mom is the most loving person I have ever met. She is the kind of mom that whenever she sees a child, she wants to hug him and do some small talk, she has so much love to give and God has put her in my life to be such a great blessing for the family and a great role model to follow.

My mom, besides being a mom, is my friend. I can tell her my intimate secrets and she will help me to overcome my defeats and my challenges. I will feel like crap and she will make me a good cup of coffee and after a chat, I would feel a lot better.

It’s just that most moms have that instinctive medicine that heals all our wounds.

Now that I live miles away from her, I miss her so much and I appreciate all her hard work more than any one else. I understand that she went thru a lot of struggles and even in the hardest times, she was strong enough to keep her hands together to pray and and keep going, her faith that everything was going to be alright kept her trying and trying one again until she succeeded.

On this Mother‘s Day, all I want to say is that I love you,mom. From the bottom of my heart, and with watery eyes, I love you and I respect all the effort it took you to be who you are. I am your biggest admirer and I hope that I can be as loving with my son as you were with me when growing up.

Moms are a little bit responsible of how this world is shaped. With education, the mother’s of this world can help their children achieve better futures. Educate yourselves, moms of this world.

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