The 5 must haves for your changing table

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Hello everybody! So today I am bringing you a list of the 5 must haves for your changing table. When I had my baby, I wish somebody told me what did I had to have to change my baby’s diapers. We were using plain vaseline to prevent the diaper rash, the baby wipes had parfum and chemicals and my husband kept a little hand towel to wipe his hands after using the vaseline because he used a lot!

Luckily for you, after these 18 months of motherhood, I have come to a conclusion that has resulted in the 5 must haves for your changing table. I know some maight say that they would remove an item and others will add more, but, as I shared with you on instagram, this 5 must haves for your changing table are going to make your life easier, giving you time to do other stuff.


1. The changing pad liners. This pieces of towel like cloth with a waterproof liner are going to make cleaning your changing table a lot easier. Turns out that sometimes -all the time- your baby moves while you are changing her diaper and sadly it happens that there’s some brownish residues of her diaper smudged in the changing pad cover. Well, using this liners is going to take you two seconds to finish changing diaper, change liner and Boom! The changing pad cover is looking clean again.

2. The nasal mist. You have lived this experience: 3 am and your baby wakes up all fussy because she can’t breathe. The solution: apply the nasal mist according to the directions of your doctor. It will help keep your baby’s nose clear and help her sleep thru the night.

3. Healing ointment. We all know that at least once in their lifetime, babies are going to get a diaper rash, it’s like a rite of passage. But let me tell you something: My baby has only had a diaper rash once in his 18 months of life. I freaked out when he got his first diaper rash. I called the pediatrician and he told me that using a healing ointment like Aquaphor or Desitin will reduce the rash and clear it totally from my baby’s bum. I used Desitin and the old remedy of powdering plenty of corn starch in his bum and it was clear 3 hours later. Since that day I can’t stop using my healing ointment. For stronger diaper rash use Desitin and the corn starch. To prevent diaper rash, use Aquaphor.

4. No rinse cleansing water. My all time favourite is the Mustela Physiobebe No Rinse Cleansing Water. Sometimes if the brownish residue called poop is a big residue, I use the baby wipes but at the end, before I put the new diaper, I moist the baby wipe with some of this cleansing water to remove any residue. I also use it sometimes to clean his face and hands, or the palms of his feet, since my baby loves to go bare foot around the house and he gets the palms of his feet dirty. It’s great to keep babies clean, specially if for any reason you didn’t or wanted to give him a bath -specially on those cold winter days- you wipe his body with a moist cotton ball and you are all set.

5. Diaper pail. This is a no brainer, right? Where are you going to throw away your diapers if it’s not on a diaper pail. I can only add that you need to learn how to put the mechanism together. Another thing to add, you can use diaper pail bags or a tall kitchen bag, whichever are more resistent and fit your budget.

So there you go, five products that make my life easier when changing poopy diapers. I never mentioned the baby wipes because those ones are implied when saying changing table or diapers. If you forgot them, just add a couple to your shopping cart because you can never have enough until your baby is potty trained.

What other products do you consider basic for your changing table? Is there any other item that you would add to this list? Share them in the comments below to the best use of the rest of us newbie moms.

9 thoughts on “The 5 must haves for your changing table”

  1. After going through the changing tables of 3 kids, I highly recommend the brand Mustela. It’s so great for the baby’s skin! Not just the cleansing water but also the creams and ointments.

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  3. The Changing pad liners and aquaphor made our life so much easier! Great article… I’ll keep all this in mind for the next one! 😊😊

  4. I never had a diaper pail with our first and I can’t quite justify getting it for him since he will soon be two, BUT I definitely want one for my second! I have coconut oil on our changing table instead of regular diaper cream. It works great! I had no idea about the no rinse cleansing water. Sounds awesome though!

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