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The Watermark Restaurant at the Gulch in Nashville

watermark restaurant
Web page Watermark Restaurant

So we went to the special event that the Watermark Restaurant in Nashville at the Gulch, organized for the Nashville Food Bloggers group. We arrived a little late because of the traffic due to the rain. At first I couldn’t locate the door, I think that probably they are going to install a sign or I didn’t saw it in my excitement to get in. 

An interior view from the Watermark Restaurant
An interior view from the Watermark Restaurant

Upstairs there’s a restaurant area and the salon where we were delighted. A very welcoming waiter offered wine and my choice was Pacific Rim Sweet Riesling  and my husband explained that it is a sweet white wine, which paired splendidly with the food they gave us.


Bloggers chatting

The atmosphere was very cool, all the bloggers were very open and we got a great chat with some of them. Apparently some write blogs in pairs, like husband and wife or fellow friends, others like me, write on their own (which makes it more difficult) but the point is that we shared experiences and hints of opportunities for improvement.

everybody sharing experiences
Everybody sharing experiences

The food started at around 5:30 and Oh my gosh!! It was delicious!! I don’t know what did I liked the most because the chef did a great job. Every single bite was full of flavor and enjoyment. BLT biscuits, hot chicken sliders, bacon gougeres, wood-grilled beef tenderloin, house made ricotta on crostini with local honey and the beverages included a selection of pinot noir , white wine and even Pellegrino water.


blt biscuits
BLT biscuits
House made ricotta on crostini with local honey
Hubby getting his wine glass refilled
Anyone hungry?

I talked to the husband of the lady that writes Spinach Tiger, and he was so open to share ideas and little secrets to improve visits and views. At the end I chatted with Bessie from the blog Bessie bakes and we shared our way of handling the food blog . She is a professional baker and showed me some great food pictures she publishes on instagram.

fellow bloggers
Fellow bloggers
The Gulch
The crowd and a view of The Gulch in the back
Me and Bessie from bessiebakes.com
Me and Bessie from bessiebakes.com

In conclusion, we enjoyed the company, the food, the atmosphere, the location, the kindness of the waiters, everything, everything, everything! Have you ever been to this restaurant? Are you planning to visit Nashville? I strongly recommend you visit the Watermark Resaurant and be delighted with their food and customer service. What do you like the most from their menu? I would love to hear your opinions in the comments.

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