A time to remember to pray

Sitting in my desk, going thru my social media, sometimes I find sad news. I guess it’s due to our mania of reading sensationalist things, but there is a thin line between real news and news that just want to scare people.

A special news that pulls my attention is everything related to children. All those victims of human trafficking that are taken away from their parent’s arms break my heart. And there’s also the refugee crisis from wars in Siria, Sudan, Cambodia and many other countries. Sexual abuse commited against children and I can go on and on, it’s just devastating! My heart aches for all those children in need, living in misery.

I think and think and I conclude that a lot of the terrible things that happen in this world is due to ignorance, lack of education, lack of empathy, lack of resources. As you can imagine, I feel overwhelmed for all the injustice in the world, but then I pause and listened to God.

He tells me that I have to pray for those in need, pray for everybody needing comfort. Prayer is powerful and has a healing effect at the same time. With praying for them I think that I can help them. I could send money, clothes, talk about it, grow awareness, but how much can I change with my little self compared with what God can do? Intercession is key in all these matters. We, as Christians, have to learn that when we pray we are making a difference. In the Bible it says that fasting and prayer are the things we can offer God, so let’s get to it.

Fasting means to skip meals. It can be the meals of a whole day or during a 24 he period. Maybe once a week or maybe once a month. The clue to succeed is to pray and offer that sacrifice to God. And you will see the big changes you will notice in your mood, your willingness, your faith.

If you identify with these feelings of hopelessness, I invite you to join me in prayer. Maybe download a devotional app or purchase a devotional book, like this one from Joyce Meyer and follow it every day. Set aside 15 minutes of your time to read the Bible and grow in the knowledge of Thy word.

I would love to read your thoughts on this matter. Comment and share if you think this text has been helpful.

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