Why you should stay fit as a mom

Fitness is a matter of wellbeing and health more than looks. As a mom, our little nuggets are our motor to try to be a better person in all aspects and health is no exception. An ideal combination will include a workout some time in the day and healthy eating five times a day. You don’t have to starve or wear yourself out in the elliptical machine or the threadmill, just commit with yourself that you will cut those buttery calories from the breakfast in half and drink skim milk instead of whole milk plus 20 min. of walking at a fast pace pushing the stroller.

my ideal abs
My ideal abs

Recently I have started to realize that I need to take care of my health if I want to be present for my kid for many years to come. Right now he is just 14 months old, so if I want to see my grandchildren, I need to take care of myself.
Exercise and fitness is a good way to start and although I am not walking the 30 min I was at the beginning of November because of my shortness of breath due to some pain in the area where I had surgery, I am starting to do yoga and my body is feeling great!

It all started two months ago when I realized that all my baby fat plus some extra pounds were still there, weighing myself down and making me feel enormous. Then I walked in my closet just to realize that none of the clothes I brought from Mexico fit me anymore!! I have earned like 60 pounds since then! That’s rough. 

I justify myself when I moved to USA with thoughts like “I changed my eating habits” “I am not exercizing” or “There’s so many new foods to try” but I continued to eat a lot until I got pregnant. By then, my thoughts were “I feel like eating this or that” “I’m craving this or that” and there was also the anxiety playing me a bad joke, so I kept eating and eating.

After my baby was born and I had an axiety-depression episode I earned even more weight so I ended up with a big belly and no clothes to wear, except the ones I was wearing when I was pregnant. Long story short, all this 60 pounds have to go away cause I want to be an active mom that can run behind my toddler around the park without having to stop because a shortness of breath or a heart attack.

 With all this, I am not saying that I am super fit and healthy, but at least I am commiting to start exercisizing and eating in a healthy way. In November I decided I wanted to run a marathon one day and I needed to train. On Facebook I found a guide of how to strat training to run, but I forgot a little issue: I had surgery in mid september and my body was still healing on the inside. I started to have pain in my left side, around the wound area so I decided to stop. 

I was still needing to become healthy, so I decided to change my eating habits. And changing my eating habits meant to change the eating habits of the family. It was tougher, because, you know, I am baking some new goodness, but I discovered that it’s all a matter of a good combination of veggies and lean eating. I used to skip breakfast cause I thought “One less meal is less calories” But my body said “one less meal, lets save as much energy as possible” and it was making me bigger. So I started eating a good breakfast, like scrambled eggs with my two mugs of smoking coffee. And I don’t know you, but I need some sugar in my coffee so to cut some calories, I got stevia instead.

I read about kefir milk and I got some grains from ebay to start preparing home made yogurt, which also boosts the immune system.  The kefir milk has turned out tasty and some days that I forget to strain, the second day it becomes very tangy, but it has helped with my digestion and I am feeling good. I prepare it with 2% milk to save some calories and I drink it as my breakfast, blended with some fresh fruit like banana or pear.


A week ago I had this Amazon giftcard and I was wondering what to get with it. I was deciding between a springform baking pan or a mini cupcake baking pan, but then I realized I am on a journey to loose weight, so I decided to get some yoga videos that I can practice if I wake up earlier, like at 6 am and the set of yoga blocks and yoga straps Rodney Yee’s yoga for begginers and Ashtanga yoga for beginners were my picks. I am practicing poses right now, but I will keep you updated with what I discover. If you have any suggestions of alternatives of workout for a busy mom, share them with me in the comments, I will be happy to hear them.

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4 thoughts on “Why you should stay fit as a mom”

  1. I’ve not been successful at getting the baby weight off and keeping it off. And it seems like it’s getting harder. I did sign up for a cycling challenge for the new year and that challenge comes with a nutritionist so wish me luck!

  2. I know how you feel. I gained more than 50 pounds during my last pregnancy, and it was really hard! I felt so fat and heavy and out of breath all the time. I started exercising and eating healthy and after nearly two years I finally lost all that baby weight. My biggest motivation was being there for my children. I want to be a fit, healthy, active mom for them.

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