Blog update of the last month and a half.

So it’s been a while since the last time I wrote in the blog. I have been incredibly busy moving from our old apartment to our new home, recovering from a gallbladder removal surgery, preparing my son’s first birthday party and arranging things around the house because this moving thing is not finished yet, can you imagine?

So let’s start with the moving. Around March, we noticed that it was going to be cheaper to pay a house than to pay rent, plus on the long haul, the property would end up being ours, so we started searching for opportunities to become first time homebuyers like a mortgage company and a new home. Our real state agent was very kind and showed us several houses but nothing seemed to fit our needs and the ones that would fit them were taken, leaving us tired of searching and posting bids. We were thinking that we would end up with another lease for one more year!

Luckily for us a friend from work told  me about a house close to hers, and gave me his phone number, so we contacted the owner, visited the house and ended up buying it. No real state agent involved, so the seller gave us a great price for the property which is close to an acre, with a big yard, a full basement and we even got a chimney to enjoy on the cold coming months! The seller was so accesible that he agreed to wait a month until our lease was over with the apartment complex where we were living and we did the deal.

The closing date I felt a deep pain in my stomach but I was able to sign the papaerwork with my hubby and we did the deal of our lives. We moved at the end of August and since then I started to feel ill from my stomach almost everyday, thinking it was an ulcer, gastritis or colitis. The moving was a mess due to my lack of organization but after two days and the help of some friends and my mother in law and her boyfriend, we finished moving to our new home. Here you have a picture:

My family and our new home

It is a huge space, compared with our single room apartment. See, we moved to a 1978 house, half brick, half wood. There’s a lot of little issues to fix, starting by doing a deep clean. The house used to be a rental property and  I don’t know who was living here but they left a big mess. We are arranging things: we got the floors , we are cleaning around and we have several projects for home improvement like replacing outside mount blinds with inside mount 2″ faux wood blinds, replacing the knob of one of the stand up showers to make it work, removing the wall paper in one of the bathrooms to paint it in a better looking color that might combine the mustard color tub and toilet and I can go on and on, the list lasts forever…

In the meantime, after moving I got a big pain in my stomach again and ended up needing surgery to remove my gallbladder. My hubby has been a huge blessing in all this, he has taken care of Mr. Liam while I was in the hospital, got me the best care available and he has been so understanding, I love him to death and I don’t know what would I do without him.

Well, baby is up from his nap, so I will talk to you later about my hospital experience, my son’s birthday party and my DIY project for installing the floors in our new home. Oh! And guess who’s got a new kitchen aid waiting to prepare a beautiful bread dough? I will be posting baking recipes for sure!!

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